Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The project "Bits" was an assignment that let us create a final big art work that's composed of 6 smaller art pieces. We were told not to have a specific style, but just to have fun with it and explore what kind of finale we can get. We also had the freedom to pick any topic.

My topic was how culture has greatly influenced me because I grew up in America and suddenly move to Taiwan with my family when I was only 9 years old.

Here were my bits (I'll keep it short)

  1. Paper dragon body: I was born in the year of the dragon. 1988
  2. Cartoony birds: I was amused by how java finches were used to tell fortunes at temples.
  3. Scary mask and bloody hand on the right: My mom took me to a buddhist festival and I saw people beating themselves over with weapons. That was to signify that they had a spirit within them and it was giving them power. The sight of blood on other people scarred me as a child.
  4. Buddha: I'm not buddhist, but I've always thought the cartoony idols in Taiwan was cute. Also the chinese characters mean what was going through my head as I was writing them down.
  5. Food: Taiwan has lots of good food. Lots.
  6. Woven flags: I'm proud to say I'm from the United States as well as Taiwan. Both have greatly shaped me to who I am today. 

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