More About Me

            Hello, my name is Emily E-Chia Chen. I am Taiwanese that spent the first half my education years in San Jose, California and graduated from high school in Taiwan. It's safe to say I am somewhat from San Jose as well as Taiwan. My parents raised me with a phrase that I try my hardest to not break: never give up. 
Living in two different countries and having to adjust myself to them wasn’t easy. I often found myself wondering who I really was culturally. There were many days when I felt more American, and others where I felt more Taiwanese. I pretty much had an identify crisis. After much confusion with who I am and dealing with different languages, I realized that being exposed to these cultures gave me opportunities to learn more about my culture as well the pros and cons of each side
I enrolled at San Jose State University in 2007 to pursue my education in art and focused specifically in animation. The classes weren’t easy and they demanded intense patience. I started to ask myself why I wanted to lose many hours of sleep to animate on a clip that ends up with a time length of 3 seconds. I realized it was because I wanted to entertain my friends and folks around me. I wanted to show what I could create and bring to life. I truly believed that art is something that someone creates out of pure passion. Without passion, it is impossible for one to enjoy their career. 

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