Artist Statement

          Like most artists, I’ve always loved to draw as a kid and I didn’t even know why I enjoyed doing it so much. I found myself watching lots of cartoons while the majority of my friends loved to watch teen drama series. Understanding that I was a little different from what kids around me liked, it never stopped me from watching the same cartoons over and over again. There was something about animation that always energized me and at the time, I didn’t know why. I just loved watching the characters come to life. 
          After moving to Taiwan with my family, I was exposed to a different world of cartoons: anime. I had no idea that there was such things like blood or even nudity in cartoons, but seeing these different styles really inspired me. Then the animator in me came to life once I entered the world of Hayao Miyazaki. His works shifted my passion for animation permanently because his films took me into worlds that I believed in.  Seeing two different styles of animation inspired me to take my passion for art even further and that was to mix and mash the two worlds of styles together.
          Before I knew it, I was sketching and doodling in school whenever I had free time. This got me into trouble several times, but it never stopped me: I wanted to learn more. In my sophomore year of high school, I had finally decided that I wanted to invest in art so I took private lessons with a professor that lived 3 hours away in another city. My parents weren’t that supportive at first, but after seeing my dedication and passion grow in this area, they encouraged me by saying those three words: never give up. I still thank them everyday for their support.
          Regardless what kind of animation I do (traditional or digital) I enjoy all of them because I see them as tools to help you express what you want to animate. I also love to study animals at zoo trips or even just my pets. There's something about creatures that I am appealed to and I want to give them more character than they already have.
          I want to pursue my dream of becoming an animator and a clean-up artist in any industry or small studio. As long as I get to do what I love I’m content with myself. I’ve always enjoyed the process of animation and it was just a passion I wanted to be a part of. I also love to encourage my classmates to work harder and to always ask for feedback because any feedback, even negative ones, will help them no matter what. I will always take any opportunity to animate because whether it was a good or bad experience, it still adds to my education and I will always learn something from any project. No matter what, I will never give up in this profession.

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